Tramadol for non-oncological pain

Chronic non-cancer pain If the cause of increased peripheral impulses persists, the phenomenon of increased pain also occurs in the central nervous system, which also supports pain. At the same time, the differences between “inflammatory” and neuropathic pain exist and consist in the fact that after suppression of inflammation the pain disappears and neuropathic pain […]

Strong pain killer

Tramadol hydrochloride (Tramal) In recent years, a synthetic central-acting analgesic of the last generation — tramadol hydrochloride (Tramal) — has been widely used to treat moderate and severe pain of various origins. This drug (the fourth most commonly prescribed analgesic in the world) is used to treat both oncological and non-oncological pain in 70 countries […]

The role of tramadol in the treatment of chronic pain

Chronic pain The problem of chronic pain is relevant to health because of its widespread occurrence. Approximately 55% of people in the world suffer from chronic pain. Recently, the results of a study of chronic pain syndrome in Europe with the participation of 16 countries were published. Questioning was carried out only in individuals with […]

What is tramadol?

Tramadol is opioid analgesic Tramadol is a weak central-acting opioid analgesic. The analgesic effect is due to non-selective agonistic interaction with the opioid mu-, delta- and kappa-receptors (with greater affinity for mu-receptors). It also affects the monoaminergic system involved in the regulation of painful stimuli. In therapeutic dosages, tramadol has almost no effect on hemodynamic […]

The results of the treatment of pain with tramadol

The trial ended 26 patients. According to the doctor, an excellent effect was observed in 3.3% of patients, good – in 60%, satisfactory – in 26.7%, no effect – in 15.7%. According to the patients, a good effect was noted by 63.3% of patients, satisfactory – 26.6%, without effect – 6.6%, deterioration – 3.3% (in […]